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Review: Without Words, Nunc Dimittis and Prelude, Mikhailovsky Ballet

These astonishingly beautiful works showed why Nacho Duato is such a highly regarded choreographer, matched with peerless dancing from the whole company. Compared to the recent Royal Ballet triple bill, this was a class above. Duato’s choreography seamlessly mixes classical ballet with elements of modern dance in a way I have never seen before. It also shone musically with the use of a Schubert cello sonata for Without Words contrasting with the shallowness of the Chopin that the RB seems to love so much. Nunc Dimittis was danced to a pre-recorded score (I accept getting an organ, church bells and a choir would have been tricky) but the dancing by Ekaterina Borchenko for whom it was created was spellbinding. For Prelude, the full orchestra played an excellent blend of Handel, Beethoven and Britten, featuring soprano Svetlana Moskalenko, whilst the dancers shone again. I only wish I had the technical expertise and linguistic fluency to praise this more precisely.