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[Review] Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde

I stupidly waited to the last minute to to see this – it finishes on Sunday. There was a 20 minute queue to buy a ticket this morning (half price thanks to my Art Card) for a slot to visit two and a half hours later. That left time to go around the permanent collection and have a surprisingly decent salad in the cramped cafe before queueing for another 40 minutes to actually get into the exhibition. It was crowded and sometimes tricky to see some of the work properly. It was worth it though. I will not try to judge it as an art critic – I’m not one – but I was impressed and fascinated.


[Bits and pieces] Death, Doctors, etc.

There are not many places to eat near to the Museum of London. The London Wall Bar & Kitchen next door offers decent value for the City and does not get overcrowded but do book the exhibition first. I ate then went in to the exhibition, only to be given a one-day-only voucher for 10% off . Oh well. I did get in for half price with my Art Pass. If you don’t have an Art Pass, you can get 20% off at londoncalling.com (Google to find the offer).

There are plenty of places to eat near the Wellcome Collection but head for Drummond Street for some fantastic value Indian vegetarian food. I keep going back to Chutneys but there are a couple of others in the street that look just as good. This time I had a disappointing thali – stick to the dosas or the “eat all you can” lunchtime buffet.