Venice Preserv’d preview #VenicePreservd @SpectatorsGuild

The big event finally arrived and it was terrific. It starts with carnival parade from the Cutty Sark, so do dress up and join in. I got a sash for wearing one of the eight best costumes but missed out on the draw for a prize. If the parade seems a bit amateurish, don’t worry as the play itself is very professional. Ashley Zhangazha and Ferdinand Kingsley are superb as Jaffier and Pierre, with great performances from Jessie Buckley and Ayesha Antoine as their partners Belvidera and Aquilina. Pip Donaghy is hilarious as Antonio, the lecherous old senator lusting after Aquilina. I read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia first and would recommend it as the plot is complicated, with love and rebellion, revenge and tragedy, plus some extremely bawdy comedy. Don’t worry about spoilers as the title gives the ending away – imagine if Shakespeare had written Romeo and Juliet Have Kill’d Themselves! Make sure you wrap up warm as some of it is performed outdoors. We went in the afternoon so did not need to eat but the food looked lovely – the wine was certainly nice. The power for the lighting failed which was a shame but luckily it was a matinee so it did not spoil the fun – that’s what previews are for.


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