Review: Archimedes’ Principle, @ParkTheatre

Back to this lovely new theatre in Finsbury Park, this time to the smaller room to see a very powerful play. The play starts with the central issue, a swimming coach has been accused of inappropriateness with a child. It then jumps backwards and forwards, filling in background, adding more information and showing what happens next. This clever structure takes the audience back and forth, doubting his innocence then doubting his guilt. It runs straight through for 80 minutes to maintain the tension as it builds to a very frightening conclusion, but the doubt stays with you. It is translated from the Spanish and this very occasionally shows. If the script could do with a little more work, the acting and direction are superb. Lee Knight is very good as the accused coach but I was particularly impressed by Kathryn Worth as the swimming pool manager. She manages to convey her profound distress and confusion not as a prima donna but as a very ordinary woman facing a terrible dilemma. They are advertising £10 seats online Рjust look for codes.


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