Review: Morecambe @Morecambetour

Someone asked me if this was a tribute act. It most certainly is not: it is an intelligent, well written, well acted, one man show about the life and career of Eric Morecambe. Bob Golding deservedly earned an Olivier for this clever insight into the life and career of Eric Morecambe. I was working as a volunteer usher and the show’s producer noticed that I looked rather like Eric, so he asked me backstage to meet him and took a photo of us together. I may look a bit more like Eric Morecambe than he does but I could never capture the man so perfectly on stage. There are plenty of laughs but that is not all this show is about. There are plenty of moments of pathos and simple humanity, adding up to a brilliant portrayal of one of Britain’s greatest comedians, sympathetically portrayed by Bob Golding. You don’t need to look like Eric Morecambe, or Ernie Wise, to appreciate this. It’s on tour and I’d recommend you to catch it if you can.


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