Review: Prince Igor, Novaya Opera

It’s odd to see a very traditional production of an opera performed in its original language at the Coliseum but this is not the ENO. The prologue and first act did not grab my attention, but Act 2 moves to the Polvtsian camp and the music lifts up wonderfully with the spectacular Polovtsian Dances. Act 3 is quite amazing, starting with a very simple and beautiful aria from Yaroslavna (Elena Popovskaya) wishing her husband, Prince Igor (Sergey Artamonov) were there. It then moves to the stunning a capella chorus as the people lament the loss of their land to the Polovtsians. Then it ends. Leaving out out the triumphant celebration which should follow may seem odd but it works – a beautiful ending to a rather mixed but unmissable production.


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