Review: The Golden Hour, St James Theatre Studio

This starts with a 1950s couple meeting at a table at a tea dance. They start talking and she tells him she has just murdered someone. He isn’t really listening, talking about the dancing… Over the next thirty minutes we steadily uncover who they are, what their history is and what her confession is about. It may only be half an hour but the writing by Andrew Bridgmont is first class and the acting is perfect The actors are sadly uncredited, even in the theatre’s own publicity, but I am fairly sure the woman was played by Claire Porter as I found clips from an earlier performance on YouTube. It is apparently part of a trilogy of linked plays – I’d love to see all three.


3 thoughts on “Review: The Golden Hour, St James Theatre Studio

  1. Andrew Bridgmont

    Thanks for the review. Yes, the actors are Claire Porter and Gus Brown. We hope to do the trilogy (Tales from the Coast) at the same venue later this week.

      1. andrew bridgmont

        Yes, we’re doing the next one in July. (The last post I said next week. Interesting. I meant next year). Here’s a link to the St James Studio page for the production. It’s called SUMMER of LOVE and is a (very loose) companion piece to The Golden Hour. Claire Porter in it again (Lizzie in The Golden Hour), Trevor Murphy and Thomas Brody Sangster. Hope you can make it along!

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