Review: The Evacuee, Chelsea Theatre

There seems so little interesting theatre in London at the moment. I’ve seen everything I wanted to at the NT and I’ve booked what I want to see at Covent Garden and the Coliseum. Everything else seems miscast with celebrities (like the Ladykillers which I did see and the Much Ado which I don’t want to), depressing or pretentious, so I resorted to this production from the Quint-Essential Theatre Company at the grand sounding Chelsea Theatre, which turns out to be a community centre at World’s End. The company specialise in ghost stories and that’s what this is: their biggest production yet with three whole actors (and some bits)!

Maria Victoria Eugenio was very effective as the titular character, the plot is well-structured and the special effects made me jump a few times. It could be improved by cutting out a couple of the more over-the-top effects as they stretch credulity too far but it’s fun decent value at £12 (£10 for concessions).


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