Cheap seats but expensive food

I’ve posted about how cheap tickets to Covent Garden can be and a little on how to see plays or concerts cheaply or even for free (more on this in a future post).  Unfortunately, food and drink are not cheap at the ROH, “cheese sandwich and a glass of house wine? That’ll be £16.50, please,” and even a cheap meal nearby will double the cost of a night out. Operas are long: the Minotaur was three hours including the interval and Robert le Diable was over four; add in three hours of travelling to get there and back and I’m out for six or seven hours. The easiest solution it is to go to a matinee but for some reason opera doesn’t seem to do matinees.

However, a Horizon programme has convinced me of the value of fasting occasionally so I’m now killing two birds with one stone. I only go to the opera or ballet in the evening a couple of times a month and I’ve found that fasting on those days is surprisingly easy to handle – I’m feeling hungrier today after a decent lunch than I was at this point yesterday. I suspect there might be dangers to fasting too much so I’m sticking to a maximum of one day a week.


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