Welcome to the cheap seats

At 10 a.m. today, booking opens for Get Into London Theatre offering cheap seats to many productions in January. However, there are many other ways to get into the theatre cheaply. A great resource that pulls together offers from various other sites (e,g, lastminute.com) is Showsavers Plus. You need to join but it is free. Time Out offers are also very useful for both the theatre and restaurants but you need to subscribe to their emails to see all of them. If you are flexible and willing to go up to the West End earlier in the day, the Leicester Square ticket booth is worth checking or you can get cheap day tickets for almost all shows, e.g. £20 for Billy Elliot. Find out when the box office opens and get there a little earlier. Finally, join communities that talk about your interests. For example, I got a fantastic bargain through Ballet News last year and  BalletcoForum members share news of offers and sell spare tickets to each other at cost price or less.


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