[Bits and Pieces] The ROH is cheap!

You can pay £200 for a seat at the Royal Opera House, but you can also pay as little as £4 to see world class productions. My favourite seats are in row L of the amphitheatre and cost £6 for a ballet triple bill but you need to be tall like me to see the whole stage and they book up quickly. For short people I’d recommend row A of the amphitheatre (extremely uncomfortable for me as there is no leg room). Ballet triple bills are the cheapest productions to see and are a great start if you aren’t that familiar with ballet. Online booking is easy: you can see what your seat looks like and the view you’ll get of the stage. There are no booking fees, postage fees or donations that you have to untick. I bought tickets for six productions this season for a total of £60, all posted to me. That’s a massive bargain when you consider what you get for your money. The triple bill reviewed below featured around 200 of the world’s greatest dancers, musicians and singers – all for £13.


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